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  • State Plan Excellence

    New grant from the State Plan of R&D&i of Excellence. Our understanding of the causes and consequences of sexual conflict is hampered due to a lack of knowledge on a fundamental question: Does sexual conflict underlies the structure of socio-sexual networks and the ability of individuals to shape their social environment? This project will exploit the integration of experimental evolution protocols and evolutionary thinking with social network theory to address this question.

  • Experimental evolution showcased at Seville's Feria de la Ciencia

    This year the group participated in Seville's Science Fair, together with other researchers from the EBD. Eduardo organized a series of very interesting and entertaining displays relating to experimental evolution and sexual selection at the Feria's EBD stand. It was a great success and there were loads of children and adults enquiring about the displays and about research at the EBD. The picture shows Eduardo and Miguel answering incisive questions from a group of children. Well done!

  • An EBD-Severo Ochoa Collaborative Internal and International Research proposal led by Susi Zajitschek has been successful! The work is a collaborative enterprise involving our group, other members of the EBD and researchers from Monash University in Melbourne and will focus on transgenerational effects of sexual interactions. Watch this space for results arising from this research.

  • Susanne Zajitschek has recently joined the group. Congratulations to her on winning an Andalucia Talent Hub Fellowship to work on transgenerational effects!

  • National Plan of R&D&i from the Spanish Ministry of Economy (Spain). This project proposes an integrated research plan that brings together several areas (sexual selection, evolutionary genetics, life-history evolution), and utilizes an insect model system and experimental evolution approaches to address key aspects in relation to the evolutionary causes and consequences of female multiple mating. The project is being run at the Donana Biological Station in Seville.

  • More news on other sites

    More news on other interesting stuff can be found in the following sites: Centre for Evolutionary Biology facebook page, Doñana Biological Station web page.